Our foundation.

Everything Tires..Everything Cars..

We are an online tire store with a physical location. Choose from major tire brands like Michelin and have it shipped to you at a surprisingly low price anywhere in Canada! We offer price match guarantee on our entire tire collection. 

The second part of the business is automotive wholesale. Our customers range from local and nationwide dealers to US exporters. We are experts in buying, selling & shipping cars from all over Canada. 

Thousands Of Tires To Choose From.

We give you, the consumer, the buying power. Buy from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to you. You’ll be able to view and compare thousands of different tire brands and sizes without moving from your couch. 

A Dealer For Dealers.

Our cars come from trustworthy, dealer-only auctions, not available to the public. 

Coast To Coast.

We ship cars from all over Canada and we're good at it.

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